I Still Do (Life is Strange version)

by Riley Hawke

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I wrote this song back in 2012 about a girl who had broken my heart. After I played Life is Strange, I realized how well it fit in with the game and I re-wrote some of the lyrics and recorded it with that in mind.

On Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/cristinabirkel/i-still-do

Fan Vid: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JpqSU5aTiU


I knew it when I met you I said
This girl has the means to change my life.
I felt it deep enough to know that
All I had to do was hold on tight.

I built up my intention until
I loved you so much that I could die.
And even as my body fell apart
I swear I've never felt more alive.

Now you’re photographs and memory,
Like I remember when you said you’d always be with me.
I’m hoping that in some other reality,
We’re in your truck driving straight into my fantasy.

It's strange to think how much has changed
That you used to lay next to me in bed.
And that's incompatible with that
funny kind of hole that's there instead.

So carry me away somewhere
With simple little stories left unsaid.
So I don't have the time to convince myself
I made it all up in my head.

So what if it was destiny?
Now there’s nothing left for us to be.
I will never take back what you meant to me.
I was in love and I meant it for eternity

And I still do.

So what if it was destiny?
You never knew how much you meant to me.
I wish I could at least have said, "I'm sorry."
Lastly, love, I set you free.

Though I still do.


released March 7, 2016
written, performed and produced by Riley Hawke



all rights reserved


Riley Hawke Cleveland, Ohio

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